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Is this a real job

I have had the great fortune to work at some really fun jobs.

The Hopkins Ultraviolet Telescope
The Far Ultraviolet Spectroscopic Explorer

I am currently working for FUSE and part time on the Hubble Space Telescope Servicing Mission 4.

Family History Searches

Looking for the parents of

Rosilla Wyman - married to Charles Ellis
b 13 Nov 1839 in Grafton, Windham, Vermont
d. 24 Jul 1914 in Keene, Cheshire, New Hampshire

My Mothers Tree
Eliza Butler b d
Cherry A. S. Parmenter b ? 1831 d 09 Jun 1900
Louisa Catherine Dunn b 04 August 1850 d 09 Feb 1936
Lillian Belle Collins b 25 January 1891 d 06 Sep 1968
Roberta Ellis b 23 July 1920 d 17 Jan 1998
My Mom
DD#1 and DD#2

State of Stitching Report

WIPS: Actually working on now: ( 10 Apr 2007 )

Chatelaine Christmas Mystery IV (partial part 1 and partial part 2 and partial part 3) picture soon Stitched on Picture This Plus Jade
Chatelaine Mystery Sampler III (part 1 in progress) -- do I dare do the swans over 1? Stitched on Picture This Plus Sterling
Chatelaine St. Petersburg (partial part 1 and partial part 2) Stitched on Picture this Plus Mystic

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  1. so much to do - so little time

    05/19/07 00:45:14 | 0 Comments

    So much to do - so little time.

    DD loved her college visit. She is all registered for fall classes.
    Prom is two weeks away and I am sewing the dress.... we shall see.
    Graduation is three weeks away. And then we leave on our trip immediately after.

    Work. Am I job hunting? I am not sure. I have to make up my mind soon. Very soon.
    Of course, the telescope may give me no choice.


  2. To Blog or not to Blog

    01/25/07 01:30:47 | 0 Comments


    I am not a diary, journal writing type of person, but I do enjoy reading other peoples blogs. So I will start out with this here and I will occasionally post news and thoughts here, and we will see how this goes.